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No, FR8 LYFT has DOT and MC numbers that you drive under.
No, FR8 LYFT does not own its own trucks. However, for drivers without their own tractor and/or trailer, FR8 LYFT partners with major truck leasing companies to provide lease to own options for equipment.
Yes, FR8 LYFT can help you get plates if you do not already have your own.
Sure, you may book your own loads using our DOT number or our team will be delighted to dispatch you.
No, FR8 LYFT does not collect any payment up front to join our team. However, leasing equipment through our truck leasing partnership program might require a prepayment. FR8 LYFT will cover the downpayment for you in most cases.
FR8 LYFT charges a 9% service fee on all brokerage (spot market) loads. If you choose to get paid the next day then there is a 2% factoring fee. There is no fee in getting paid Bi-weekly.
To be on FR8 LYFT' insurance (auto liability and cargo insurance), each driver pays $300 per week. This is not charged up front, but rather taken out as you complete loads over the course of the week.
Drivers who own or lease their own equipment need to provide physical damage and occupational accident coverage in addition to the auto liability and cargo coverage provided by FR8 LYFT.
Drivers are responsible for tolls, IFTA (we will calculate this for you), scales, fuel and permits. You will pay the actual amount.
FR8 LYFT will issue payment to you within 24 hours of a valid, signed Bill of Lading (Proof of Delivery) being uploaded to us. There is a 2% factoring fee to getting your money in 24 hours. Funds will be paid out the next day or in 24 hours for POD/BOL submitted before 2:00 PM Monday - Friday. If POD/BOL submitted after 2: 00 PM then funds will be deposited in 48 hours. For POD/BOL submitted Friday after 2:00 PM and Saturday/Sunday funds will be paid out Tuesday.
No, you don’t need to work with a factoring company when you work with FR8 LYFT. NextDay Pay by FR8 LYFT is only 2%, or you could get paid Bi-weekly and pay no fee.
Yes, the FR8 LYFT works with the brokers and shippers to ensure that drivers are paid all accessorial charges that they are owed.
FR8 LYFT has one of the best referral program out there. You refer your friends to FR8 LYFT and get $100 every single month. Yes, that's right. You refer once and get paid every month, as long as your friend stays with FR8 LYFT. Refer 20 friends and get $2000 every single month. You get the idea,...
Simple sign up with the link below, it will only take two minutes. You will be directed to a dashboard where you will be able to view/track your progress.